10 August 2017

Poetry Thursday - Walking, Blues by Jane Mead

Walking, Blues

Rain so dark I
can’t get through—
train going by 

in a hurry. The voice
said walk or die, I
walked,—the train

and the voice all 
blurry. I walked with 
my bones and my heart

of chalk, not even
a splintered notion:
days of thought, nights

of worry,—lonesome 
train in a hurry.


In addition to managing her family's farm in northern California, growing wine grapes, Jane Mead has published five books of poetry. Her most recent book, World of Made and Unmade, was nominated for the National Book Award. Published interviews (on her website) give insight into her work - including her use of double punctuation, which is meant so serve for precise pacing, giving information on the pace of thinking.

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