04 August 2017

Samples from last century

These embroidery samples, unearthed during a fruitless search for gardening gloves, were made in my early, heady, days of textile courses at City Lit. 
Keep (er, why....)
Gone - a few were kept as candidates for porcelain dipping

The "running people" are gone too (hurrah)

Undecided (12" square)
Stitching this closely is harder as the eyes get older

"Snow in summer" - I'd completely forgotten about this

Kantha sample, and practice free-machining feathers with loose bobbin tension

From my first grapple with "drawing people" - during a medieval-themed
course with Julia Caprara (1993?) I get a strong sense of some sort of
story happening here...

Gridded buttons - fun to do, but useless

The back of those bright squares - practice free-machining

A disappointment: the intense stitching should have been in the background,
to make the insects "pop". But I was an over-enthusiastic beginner, rushing in...

And the underside

Another underside, a bit of campfire carousing
 In the same big box was a little bag, full of offcuts from the outsides of journaly quilts, Little Gems, and Bookwraps. They can be sorted into colour families and stitched together (but, why....) -

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magsramsay said...

Love the back of your bugs but then I like the ' unconscious side' of things. I use my old samples to paint on, machine tension test pieces are particularly pleasing.