30 August 2012

Arts event, Lewes

While sorting out heaps of paper yesterday (it certainly piles up, given half a chance!) I found the leaflet for artwave2012, an open studios event in and around Lewes which has two weekends left to run.

One of my books, the one with the swaying trees, is part of "The Nature of Art" in Swanborough - 
 What struck me most in the entire leaflet was this painting by Dawn Stacey, which cries out to be a quilt, don't you think? -
It's no surprise, on looking at her website, to discover that her first degree is in textiles. Here's another of her paintings, "Fragements of Memory" -

1 comment:

Jane Housham said...

Yes, very quilty, you're so right. And a touch of the Alfred Wallises in the bottom one too. I like both.