06 August 2012

Book du jour - many Blue Distances

The top row is wastage - envelopes with titles not centred, books with folding gone wrong, that sort of thing. The bottom four include one that's finished, one that's nearly there, and two blanks, ready for copying out.

A page of writing takes about 10 minutes, and each book has 12 pages. On the one hand, you're paying attention to your handwriting and keeping the margins straight and not smudging (the technical details) and on the other you're thinking about the way the author has put the words together, and trying to remember the exact words and exact order (and the punctuation) as you copy big chunks of sentences.

1 comment:

wholly jeanne said...

four out of ten . . . sounds about right. will you be able to find another use for the ten or do you even want to bother with that?