23 August 2012

Naming round, wound things

"Naming" each of the memory balls has been on my mind, though some would say they don't need names, that it's better that they are mysterious. It could go either way. I'd like to make a book with "portraits" of each of the balls, and some text ... a word, a quote ... but this is low down on the loooong list of priorities at this point.

Here they are in once place, in the order of their making -
Having compiled that, I remembered taking a photo of them laid out on the plinth - it shows the relative sizes.
Some are light and some are surprisingly heavy. Not all are comfortable to hold.

The "balls of words" - one of the sources of this line of thought and work - aren't quite finished, and of course the big red ball of connectivity will be made during the show. I'll be taking of photo of its progress every evening (if I remember!).

It would be good to have one or two with a scent - lavender (in the Victorian language of flowers, lavender is for remembrance) or rosemary ("There's rosemary, that's for remembrance: pray, love, remember" said Ophelia).


Olga said...

They remind me of planets - the very early non-speaking movies with sci-fi themes used to have planets rather like these in outline and in b/w.

Rosemary is a lovely idea - I marvel at the depth and breadth of your work!

Lisa Chin said...

I bet these were a lot of fun to make. I love the way they look. A book about each one would be a lot of fun to create and I'm sure the reading would be great as well.

Thanks for your advice about places to find embroidery stitches.