17 August 2012

FOQ 2012

After a lovely day at Festival of Quilts, I find I took very few pictures. Yes I did look at the quilts (though I didn't buy a catalogue to match name to quilt), but most of all I enjoyed the chats.

Among the exhibitions, I loved Pauline Burbidge's new work, in her black-and-white vein with, in the case of the pieces about Lindisfarne Causeway, colour provided by sand from the causeway.

And Anne Worringer's work is terrific - she uses shibori and hand stitch. It made me very eager to get back to using fabric and stitch. Details of some favourites -

Elsewhere, these quilts caught my eye, but I don't know the names of makers - if you know, please tell me so I can credit them -
"Fabric Hunter's Shopping List" by Maggie Relph 
an example of "tone does the work and colour gets the credit"
grid with additions of intense handstitch; see better pix on the maker's blog (Marian Hall)
Sublime use of map markings, in the Graduate Showcase -
Contemporary Quilt members have their moments in the sun -
Linda Bilsborrow with her winning quilt (other CQ members did well in the Contemporary category as well)
Kate Findlay among her Hadron Collider series

Hilary Gooding gets a surprise presentation, in Kate Dowty's "Captured in Cloth" display
Back at the CQ@10 display (the quilts are based on a photo of a tin mine - as tin is the symbol of tenth anniversaries, and CQ is 10 years old this year) --- what is this in the corner --- a well-placed bit of mining machinery??? -
On the shopping front - despite efforts at damage limitation, I brought home three books, a big can of 505 spray, and (only) six spools of No.30 cotton thread. Very restrained, don't you think?


Marian Hall said...

Margaret, I can put my hand-up for the gridy piece. I was really and encouraged to see my quilt on your blog.

Unknown said...

Fabric Hunters Shopping List is by Maggie Relph of the African Fabric Shop

Good luck for the college display