27 August 2012

Nearly forgot these

These are the objects that started off the idea of "memory balls" - arising from a half-formed idea of different types of words staying in memory for different reasons ... something vague like that ... a thought I return to now and then. I found them still "in progress" and set to finishing them, cutting words from the big-print sections of the newspaper. The "long words and phrases" was easy to wrap -
"Self-image" was a little gift from the gods and I left it on the outside on purpose - we can all do with a bit of reflection on how memory is important to our self-image ... not just that having a good or a poor memory is part of "who we are", but a more basic thing - without our memories, without knowing who we have been, we can't "know" who we are now.
The "hard-working short words" ball was a nightmare to wrap - that fishing line has a mind of its own, and the little words kept falling out as wrapping progressed. Liberal dots of superglue at junctions of the line were helpful. Superglue takes quite a while to dry, so there were enforced waiting times between layers of wrapping.
I'll leave it here, while "hope" is still visible.

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