23 August 2012

Materials and techniques revisited

One of my final "little" tasks is to go through all my files and boxes and heaps of paper - I'm looking for a couple of lost books, can't remember where I put them (which in itself is appropriate for my topic...*) and in doing so I found some "research" that won't be part of show or assessment - but I'd like to put it here,for the record. 

These are experiments with graphite, ink, wax, using various kinds of erasure: scratching out, covering over, hiding under layers of (variously dense) darkness and (variously opaque) whiteness. They are "play" and they are variously successful; they are layered somewhere in my repertoire of possibilities.

They need revisiting every now and then, to keep them from getting forgotten.

Seeing these leads to thoughts about the techniques and materials I ended up using - cutting holes (to reveal what's underneath); winding thread (to hold, hide, and sometimes leave showing); assemblage (words cut from dictionary pages); layered writing (as an attention device for me, and a change of meaning for the viewer);

*another instance of this "reflexivity" - nature imitating art - is the tortuous process of arriving at text for the labels for the pieces - full of erasure of various sorts -
But at last the titles and mini-statements have come together - just in time for the deadline.

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Olga said...

Strikes me that you have enough roads to wander down and explore for a lifetime after this!