26 August 2012

Last-minute wrapping

The lavender ball worked well, and there is a rosemary bush by the front gate, so I did a bit of pruning and wrapped the twiglets into balls of various sizes -
 They aren't as fragrant as the lavender ... perhaps because the rosemary is fresh?

And these three small balls incorporate rusty bits from the toolbox that was on the canal boat, Forget-Me-Not, when she sank during a storm while moored outside Reading a number of years ago. She was subsequently raised and refurbished, and the toolboxes kept ... for this project, it seems ...
They incorporate big old rusty tacks. Lots more rusty things in that toolbox - what is it about guys and their collections of useless, delapidated tools and "bits"?

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Nicky Jones said...

I'm reading your blog for the first time - in reverse order! Best of luck for life and work post MA