28 August 2012


You do strange things at the end of the day, don't you .... As I write, I'm waiting for glue to dry, having decided to fix the broken spine of the notebook, rather than buckle down and finally, finally - after about a month of procrastination - make the index -
There seems to be one task that gets inexplicably delayed - something  the doing of which signals: It's All Finished Now! (Perhaps I'm resisting that "finishing" moment?)

The index to Notebook 7 will take about an hour to do and will look rather like the index to Notebook 6 -
There's half an hour before leaving for college, and about half an hour useful working time on tube and bus.

This is the inexplicably large heap of supporting work that needs taking to college -
While gathering the reflective writing, I felt the need to write a summary of each project; that took a big chunk of yesterday. At the start of the day, the list was long; at the middle of the day, I found my timings were (inexplicably) rather underestimated -
At the end of the day, three low-priority items, including two I added "in case there was time," fell off the list.

Tomorrow:  getting back to the morning stitching, and making books for the shop at the show. Before that, though, a big sigh of relief that it's all in place!


Linda said...

Not to mention giving yourself a pat on the back for getting to this point!

Connie Rose said...

I so wish I could see the show and all your supporting work. You've done enough outstanding work in this program to have your own Retrospective!