06 August 2012

Dual-use studio

The studio is back to being a carpentry shop, "just for a day or two". Hmm.
 The dust-curtains have an ingenious new system of wires and clips, for quick and easy installation.
Next improvement could be a ceiling-mounted filter system to collect the pesky sawdust.

Best improvement would be a nice big shed in the back garden ... which would involve buying a flat that isn't even for sale. Another possibility is a (shared) workshop somewhere else, but these seem to be few and far between...

So we're doing the best we can in the circumstances. As long as I can sit at my little table for a few hours a day, and escape to the computer in the other room -- and the more that the Domestic Handyman keeps getting jobs elsewhere -- things are just fine. At the moment. Perhaps there will soon come a time when I need access to the sewing machine and fabric collection...

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wholly jeanne said...

Good luck with "the day or two" part.