07 June 2015

Berggruen Museum

Arriving at the museum late in the afternoon, we had time only for the old building, the Picassos, and hope to return to see the exhibition in the extension (Matisse, Giacometti, Klee). There's a short introductory video for the museum here; an image gallery is here.

The exhibition "Sideways" had a selection of works by Klee and a mobile or two by Alexander Calder - the highlight was a delightful film of Calder's circus, made in 1961 by Carlos Vilardebo (see it here).

Among the Picassos - rooms and rooms of them! - were some African sculptures, including this "Large Kalao Bird" (Senufo; Ivory Coast), which I quickly tried to draw -
Other favourite Picassos -
Self portrait 1904 in its lovely frame
Striking hatching 

Are they ghosts or are they "real"?

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