21 June 2015

Flea markets

One flea market looks pretty much the same as another, don't you think? 
Wandering aimlessly around the Saturday market at Rathaus Schoeneberg (where JFK gave his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech)
I did wonder what the point was - there's not room in the luggage to bring anything back, and I'm not a collector of anything in particular....

Still, it was fun to see the crazy stuff on offer -
Masses of crockery 
African sculpture
Old telephones
Old linens, handwoven
Books, books, books - usually 1 euro per book, often 6 for 5 euros
Look long enough, and you'll find just about anything ...

Are you sitting comfortably?
Heading off to the Bode Museum, what to our wondering eyes should appear but another flea market - 
Yet more "stuff"
A bit of on-the-spot tailoring ("it's what sells...")
Posts holding the ubiquitous pipes have been adorned with quotes

"When I feel off colour, instead of going to the pharmacist, I go to a bookstore"
At this one, I hit it lucky and found "silver" teaspoons to match my WMF pattern, collected for me in the 1960s by a generous aunt ... a bundle of six goes for 10 euros now.

Coming out the museum, we found a hurdy-gurdy player, singing in Old German. A tonic.

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