29 June 2015

Food (and drink)

Warning: this post contains, indeed consists of, photos of meals. Do we all take photos of our food when we're on holiday? Meals make important memories, so I'm putting mine here, in addition to mentions of sociable breakfasts, Mozartkuchen, strawberries, asparagus, and possibly the odd glass of beer recently.
Favourite home-cooked meal - mediterranean veg pasta

Favourite meal out (so far) - schnitzel at Romantica, right next door

Pakora "starter" on the sunny corner, yesterday evening; shared, we found it made a meal.
You can just about see the makeshift, but sturdy, step into the restaurant

Favourite vietnamese, in the next block, with its duality of sauces

Sitting outside the ice cream place, next door to the vietnamese

Another sunny corner and a nice carafe of picpoul

A quick beer in the corner of the forest

Blinis went down a treat in Prenzlauerberg

Today's deluxe Monday morning breakfast - note the takeaway coffee from
across the street, what luxury! - with the Today programme
 on the ipad. Tarts and cakes were saved for later.
The countdown to departure is on; I am getting sad about leaving and find myself taking lots of photos of the neighbourhood. Still, we have a good two days left ... and cake to come home to, today.

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