14 June 2015

Bus 104 to Neukoelln and back

At the farmers market we splurged 4 euros on an enormous piece of cake - the pan must have been 18" (30cm) in diameter - "farmers cheesecake", with streusel on top and raising among the cheesecakey filling, on a spongey base. Cake plates were too small and we had to use dinner plates - the one piece made two satisfying portions -
Then it was time, high time, to GO somewhere. We noticed that the 104 bus route goes past Tempelhof Airport-as-was, and set out, with Anselm Kiefer's paintings in mind, to see what might be left of it, or what could be seen from the bus.
Anselm Kiefer paints Tempelhof (via)
There was lots of facade -
 more -
 and finally an end to it -
Nest door, the mosque was having a barbecue -
Note the stormy skies. 

We got off at Neukoelln just to have a look around a different part of town. Lots of street life and small shops with big signs, including the two windows of a optician -

... his modesty cleverly conserved, whereas she ...

Old buildings, the Rathaus (city hall) with the clock tower and the court in front of it.
A grille from the courthouse -
Quick nip into Lidl for beer and chocolate, and to find it was just like being in Lidl in the UK, or should that be vice versa? On the way back, a few drops of rain, then lightning and thunder - and a deluge. And darkness - at 7.30 -
 Jumping off the bus, we took shelter under an awning and fell into conversation with a man who used to live in Canada and was delighted to be able to practise his English. He told us that the Schloss, under (re)construction, was having an open weekend. We thought it might be a good idea to go to that.

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