30 June 2015


The high point, literally, of our day in Spandau - which is at then end of the U7 line that we usually use on the way to elsewhere - was the view from the Julius Tower in the Citadel -
The old town, seen from on high
The citadel - a renaissance fortification, surrounded by a moat - is seriously big and the tower is quite high -
You go up a central spiral staircase to a solid brick floor, and then the stairs hug the walls reassuringly -
The fortress is well worth the 4.50 euro entrance fee - there's a museum of the history of the city of Spandau, which was a Prussian garrison and in the 20th century developed various industries. And there's a cannon museum, in the parade hall -
Many more photos from there ... another time perhaps.

Spandau also has the Gothic House, which has been inhabited since the 15th century and now has a museum with an astonishing collection of models of buildings
built from kits - Anker Steinbaukasten - a toy craze dating back to the 1880s and still available today.

A late-19th century kitchen in the museum -
The Gothic House has some original features, such as this mural -
It also had an exhibition of the local art group, including this "Seidenfaden bild" by Helga Laessig -
As well as watching huge ships (and small boats) going into the locks, we did a bit of shopping (and eating and drinking) and all in all had a very pleasant, relaxed day. 
 If you want something a little "different" when visiting Berlin, try Spandau...

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