08 June 2015

Domestic details

Monday, the start of the work week - which means running a load of washing, and settling down to get our "jobs" out of the way.
Tony is putting together his school magazine at Mission Control Central, and I've established a satellite work station, miles away in then next room.
The need for a satellite station arises from my computer being old and cranky - it won't accept wifi and therefore needs an ethernet cable, which means it needs to be near the router, and to a power source ... I'll spare you the saga of getting a power cable (left mine at home...).

This morning I hope to get very, very near to finishing the CQ newsletter, and with any luck we'll make our way to the Bruecke-Museum this afternoon.

Modern life needs so many chargers! (each with an adapter)
My view from the breakfast table in the kitchen
We're trying out various kinds of Broetchen
I'm enjoying using this cup
Enormous tree in the courtyard
Bins and bikeshed in the courtyard
Fledgling jays hanging out around the bikesheds - they're
rather dozy, and we see the parents flying into the trees often
Across the street is cafe Double Eye - deservedly popular - delicious coffee!
Monday is recycling collection day - snazzy truck and coordinated outfits
Original details in the flat - ceiling mouldings in some rooms
A lovely handle
Big hinges on huge doors!
The smooth bend of the stair rail
Fish-eye view of the stairwell

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