06 June 2015

Berlin miscellany, Charlottenberg

Railings round Carl Schumann sports centre (he won 4 medals at the 1896 Olympics)
Satellite tv
Historic Feuermelder 
6pm, Charlottenberg palace
"Two sun loungers to give away"
"Walking pace"
After finally sorting out our monthly travel passes, and it being a lovely summer's day, we set out for the park behind the Charlottenberg palace - getting lost in the Bismarkstrasse shopping conglomeration and finding ourselves eventually at the shady cafe attached to the Charlottenberg-Wilmersdorf history museum (not visited). At the Berggruen museum we sorted out the annual museum ticket (50 euros for entry to 19 state museums in the city) and saw what seemed like all of the museum's 120 Picassos. Then another cafe visit across the road at the palace.
Wheat beer with raspberry (could become addictive)
The trip home was enlivened by an encounter with a good-natured but tipsy passle of Edinburgh lads, getting in the mood for the Champions League match the next day but having problems with navigating. The maps on line U7 include other lines, and indeed the carriage has a map of  different lines on the other side of the aisle, so what with the long station names and the smallness of the print, it was no wonder the lads were confused. We told them to get off at the stop after us, but one of them managed to get off with us, somewhat dazed - his mates hauled him back in.

Other highlights of the day were a visit to Hilaneh von Kories gallery round the corner, showing photos by Bill Permutter of Europe in the 1950s; falafel "sandwich" from the shop downstairs for lunch (quite a queue; 3 euros, delicious); and on the way home, discovery of two turkish supermarkets nearby, where we got the ingredients for watermelon and feta salad for supper on the balcony.
Olive section, turkish supermarket

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