10 June 2015

Choir festival

Taking the long route home from the grocery store on Saturday, exploring the neighbourhood, I came across decorations on Crellestrasse, and gatherings of small crowds.
Book-cover bunting!
It turned out to be a day of singing on the street, involving choirs from all over the city. 
"Crelle Street sets the tone"
Venues were spaced out along the street, and choirs varied in size, costume, and repertoire from popular music to folk song in various languages - English and Spanish among them -

Once they had finished, at 7pm, an orchestra was waiting to do some jazzy numbers (maybe there's band music in the central area of the street every Saturday evening? We'll check back)
 during which we enjoyed a beer, and conversation (hello Marion!) -
At another cafe, the football match was just getting underway -
A Saturday night in the city in summer ... and the living is easy ...

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