17 June 2015

Seasonal eating - and a farmers market

The local strawberry kiosk - shaped like a strawberry, of course!
Nothing but strawberries ... by the kilo (5.50 euros at the moment)
It's asparagus season too (Beelitzer is the best, I'm told)
It's on the menu everywhere - even in oriental restaurants,
eg with crispy duck, or done in the wok with tofu...
The flat peaches from the farmers market are delicious, as are the little tomatoes
More deliciousness from the farmers market

Some quirkiness - waffles with sprinkles?
Also at the market - fabric, folded in convenient metre lengths

Among the fruit and veg, and the craft stalls, are flowers and plants

Trendy presentation (nice)
Seen on the way to the market (green asparagus!)
- and note the "apple ladies" in the window of this tiny organic shop

Seen on the way back outside a vintage shop - alas her poor hand 

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