09 October 2015

Art I like - Geta Bratescu

Seen at Tate Liverpool - the exhibition runs till 18 October. Read about it briefly here and at greater length in the press release.

Recent collages and works using painted sticks

Large Medea embroidery

Medea prints

Two of the Medeic Calisthenic Moves (1980-1) - "drawings with a sewing machine" - see them all here

"Recently, Bratescu has been besieged by curators. Her installation at the Venice Biennale in 2013 and subsequently in the Moscow Biennale the same year introduced her to a new audience from outside Romania. The displayed abject fabric collage works were stitched together from old clothes that belonged to her mother ... “She wanted to find a purpose for them.” And then the great museums of the world and collections fought over them." (via)

Sketchbook pages regarding the Medea work

Info about Medea, and about the blind drawings of women, above

Costumes for Ephemeral Celebrations (1987) - collage;
a better view is here

A mysterious textile - hard to get near enough to see it without setting off the alarm!

 An excerpt from her film Hands is here.
Geta Bratescu (b.1926) in her current studio (via)
More work here, from which this overview photo comes -

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