30 October 2015

Car boot miscellany

(Click photos to enlarge.) Objects in their groupings become still lives - you could paint these scenes - amid so much dross and wasteful clutter, amid sadness and desperation. What is it, though, that makes this "stuff" fascinating?

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irene macwilliam said...

wonderful the way such stuff often gets repurposed by someone else. If only the articles could tell their stories. If I buy something from a charity shop and then redonate it I feel great. it will have doubled the value of it to the charity/ies involved. The main thing is not to throw out stuff without giving it a second or third chance of doing good or giving pleasure in this world.
Recently I advertised my polycottons on freecycle, I kept some of the light colours for transfer dyeing. I divided the unwanted lot into and was so pleased with the response of the recipients, especially the first person as she got her pick of the lots.
Some of my more interesting stamps have been made with odd bits and pieces found on pavements.
I often think of the children who scavenge over the rubbish tips in some countries and then the way their precious findings become something desirable or indeed something that will earn a little for their families.
My children first learnt how to budget from the bric a brac stalls at their school sales. Living in the country they were not in and out of shops very often, they saw plenty of boring ones like food places so the excitement of actually buying toys themeselves was lovely to witness.