19 October 2015

Pastures new

Off to the Land of Faery Tale...  (via)
Today, if all goes to plan, we'll be on the train to Annecy - for a house swap. Just in case I hadn't learned how to blog on the ipad, I've been preparing posts in an attempt to catch up with places seen and things done earlier in the month. (Can one ever "catch up"? Should one bother to try?)

The "toys" in my bag are drawing materials - a small sketchbook, a propelling pencil, and a pen - and my knitting, a scarf of 40% Shetland, 40% Bluefaced Leicester, and 20% alpaca. And camera, ipad, phone - and their chargers. Stitching? - hasty stuffing of small bag with fabric and thread for October journal quilt. Reading? - at time of writing The Book hasn't been decided - reading while on holiday doesn't usually work for me, nor does watching local tv. Drinking local wine - now that's more interesting ... and bracing walks to find suitable vinous venues.

Despite some research in order to find a picture for this post, I have no idea of what this place will "really" be like. Picturesque, no doubt!


Heather James said...

This sounds like a great adventure. I used my ipad for blogging while we travelled across Canada this summer and can only describe it as frustrating. The blogger app imposed terrible constraints that forced me to keep my blogging simple. Have a great trip.

Gabrielle Stanley said...

I use Blogsy to post from my iPad.