17 October 2015

Weekend workshop

It's CQ's Winter School, and in an attempt to learn to love my ipad I've signed up for the course on using it for Making Art - drawing apps and photography. Think digital collage, that sort of thing. And also, demystification of a hostile [in my mind at least] piece of technology - I am so NOT "Church of Apple" - ! Why, then, did I buy an ipad rather than a tablet? Sheer lack of forethought, that's all. It was 2012, I thought I might use it in my MA show (didn't) ... And I do love having a "personal tv" for catch-up programmes, and for catch-up radio too.

This gathering of quilters, aka fabric collectors, is also a good opportunity to move some of my superfluous fabric on to good homes - the contents of a (small) chest of drawers are in the trolley. There is room for my pjs and other essentials. And the workshop requirement is in the picture too, mustn't leave that behind! -
By Sunday afternoon I'm sure I'll know how to do lots of things other than check emails and watch tv.

Although I tried several times to put this piece of "ecru voile" into the "moving on" bag, it insisted on staying with me for now - 
Bought from Nice Irma's, on Goodge Street, way back when ... must have been the 1990s. Nice Irma's Floating Carpet opened in 1972 as a hippy emporium, says this 1997 article on "the new Asian cool". Then - can't remember when - the shop shut, and a little lunch hour excursion fell out of my life. Nice Irma's is still trading online -- but without the shop it's just another company name.

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Olga Norris said...

Just think - we could well have been lunchtime browsing side by side in Nice Irma's. I used to love that place. I also miss the lovely times I had in Sanderson's tea room, just round the corner. Happy days!