20 October 2015

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

Instead of drawing barkcloth from the South Pacific, as planned, due to an emergency closure of the gallery we found ourselves in Africa. And made the best of it!

I've admired this carved door (Igbo people, Nigeria, 20th century) many times, enjoying the way the relief changes with the angle of the light -

Charcoal pencil - rubbed on the back to transfer to adjoining page
 Due to the lack of sketching stools, I settled on the floor behind a display case -
 ...but omitted to get details of the fabrics

Caryl revisited a metal insect -
She had drawn it two years ago (lower page), and this time had another go from a different angle, from the rear -
 The Benin Bronzes provided subjects for Cathy and for Sue -
While Cathy was drawing the bird, a child on a school visit asked her to draw one for him on his activity sheet (which she did) -

 Sue went for some details too -
 ... as well as this figure -
This statue provided Sue with two views -

 Mags was in the other room with the pottery and the throwing knives.

A closeup of one of the knives -
 Janet too was drawn to the pottery -
 ...and also to some bellows -

Water ewer in the shape of a ram - by Cathy (above), and by Janet (during previous session)
It was amusing to see the schoolgirls who were also in the gallery to draw, and also without sketching stools -

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