29 October 2015

Last bike ride of the season

Revisiting (mid-October) some favourite places in the Olympic Park, taking the time to get the camera out. And finding new things!
Walking towards the Velodrome, over the river - there's been lots of kayaking activity here
A discovery - the Waterglades wetlands area
Florid hillside! All those seasonal changes since the start of the sessions in May
Another encircled tree
Reminds me of a Klimt birch forest painting (or maybe this one)
The "mirrored bridges" -  two bridges at angles - the park reveals itself in layers

As the fountains were pretty much deserted (as in this little video) - no shrieks of delighted children - it was possible to hear the waters' rhythms and the different sorts of noises they made throughout the sequence -

Here's hoping Bikeworks will run these "cycling in older age" sessions again - I for one feel so much more confident on a bike now. Once you know how, you may never forget how to ride a bike, but it does take a while to build up a bit of bravado.


patty a. said...

I have not been on my bicycle for two years and I miss it. Fall is here and winter will be arriving so there won't be much of an opportunity to start now. I haven't felt strong enough to ride confidently, but I have been walking a lot since February. I plan on keeping up the walking throughout the winter so by next spring I will be back on the bike. I have enjoyed your biking adventures this summer.

Charlton Stitcher said...

I haven't visited the Olympic Park since 2012 when we were there with 300,000 others. It was an amazing day made even more wonderful by the planting. It's fascinating to see it 3 years on and in Autumn. Thank you for sharing its delights.