18 October 2015

New gallery

A gallery between Vauxhall and Waterloo tube stations, funded by Damien Hirst and showing work from his collection, has just opened. It's called Newport Street Gallery and was a wool factory, rebuilt after WW2, and had been studios. Big space!! Free entry, closed Mondays. There's a shop (Hirst-heavy) but no caf - though Beaconsfield Gallery nearby has a caf, and there's a pub further along, with a view of a pop-up garden inspired by a Barbara Hepworth textile design. Seriously.

Back to the gallery: the current exhibition is of work by John Hoyland (1934-2011). BIG canvases, looking good in the big space -
 The view from upstairs -
And everything is so new, so fresh - here's an architectural detail -
Outside view (via) -
Across the road are garages etc in the arches of the railway -
After seeing Hoyland

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