06 October 2015

Drawing Tuesday - Wallace Collection

Back to the armour in this congenial place, the Wallace Collection. We are continually astonished that people could have worn it - and at the the resources, skill, and craftsmanship involved in making it.

My first choice was some swords - those handles make for helpful negative shapes -
followed by a man-in-metal -
whose armour had the most wonderful patterning -
What objects did the others choose?
Lion?? mask, by Janet
Side view of rigged-out horse, another in Janet's series of horses-in-metal

Cathy's fine fellow, and some swords
More of Cathy's swords

A helmet and two views of a gauntlet by Sue
Another helmet, and more, by Sue
Continuing the metal theme - on the street nearby, some old lead removed from a roof

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