28 October 2015

North of Vauxhall

Strictly speaking, Bonnington Square is slightly east, rather than north, of Vauxhall station. I came across its leafy corners on the way home from Camberwell one day in 2012, and it was a pleasure to revisit, seeing the lunchtime crowd at the cafe/deli -
and finding the passage into Harleyford Road Gardens, what an oasis -
A detail of the gardens, with interesting tile or bricks -

On the way to Newport Street Gallery, this mosaic sign caught my eye -
Horatio Myers & Co. Ltd - iron and brass bedstead manufacturers
 A view of the Barbara-Hepworth-inspired pop-up garden -
 Heading north...

Veering towards the Albert Embankment, these tiles along the window ledges at street level -
 Another view of that building, some sort of secular cathedral by the look of it -
It's called Southbank House, and is the only surviving part of the Doulton Pottery complex in Lambeth.

 On the embankment, this strange edifice commemorates White Hart Dock -
Another plaque reminds us of the cholera epidemic that struck the area in 1848-9, killing hundreds. At the time the housing was squalid and crowded, with no standpipes for getting water - it had to be obtained from the river. And what a river ... it would be another decade before "the great stink" forced Parliament to do something about it; Joseph Bazelgette brought in sewers and water treatment.

A further view of the White Hart Dock artwork-
And this leviathan stands in front of the International Maritime Organization building on Albert Embankment -

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