10 October 2015

Colour dictionary: into the future

Scurrying to make some new work for the book fair - 14 November, a date that's coming ever closer.

First step is to spread out the materials and see what they suggest -
In 2013, when I spent August painting each page a freshly-mixed colour, I photographed each day's output and subsequently printed those photos in a somewhat long accordion book. Perhaps those photos could be cropped or ...?? The focus is on the range of colour. Or is it?

Also, I was using a sheet of paper each day under the bottom of the pages, on which some of the paint gathered in an orderly manner - how could that be used?

 In the files I found some that had been joined together -
 Maybe the entire set could make one long scroll - the photos are there, ready to resize and trim and layer together -
The actual dictionary is still in a damaged state. The choice is either to repair it, or to use the spine as a place for ... something ... pigment names, perhaps -
What about a pastiche? Having visited a Farrow & Ball paint shop recently, and picked up a colour chart - with its explanations of the often-unusual names they've given the colours -
Sample of colours with interesting names (via)
... I'm thinking of making a similar chart, sampling colours from the photos and using the headwords from the relevant pages as colour names. Would it matter if, after photography and printing, they weren't exactly the colours on the dictionary page? (Short answer: no.)

The format would be foldable, on heavy paper, rather like the F&B chart. It wouldn't have quite this many colours though - 
Or would it? Maybe it needs (12x11, what's that?) ... 132 colours to be interesting? Or is the interest in the colours' strange names - how can that be developed?

Other thoughts, other possibilities - maybe it's time to use these colourful papers in some way -
... or dig these out, and get to work on a few more -
That would be a complete change of plan, but is worth considering.

The more I look in my photo files, and at past blog posts, the more confusing it gets. Oh, the dithering! 

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