15 January 2016

Royal Drawing School Exhibition

All the work in the show is online, but I wanted to see it "for real" before looking at it on screen.

Exhibition overview, with sparse yet rich landscapes by Bobbye Fermie in the foreground -

The first thing that struck us was the frequent use of oil pastel (that difficult medium!), in combination with other media -

Christabel Forbes
 These small "polaroids" of a cemetery balance light and dark so well -
Lottie Stoddart
Another interesting use of dark and light -
Firle by Tim Patrick
 The layout on the page -
Quarry Woods, Kate Kirk
 These were large works, and although the subject matter is a bit ...dark? non-descript? ... I'd be very very happy to be able to produce - to be able to concentrate on, and bring to a finish - work like this; stunning ...
Geraint Evans
I'd also be very very happy to eventually make long landscapes with pen and ink -
Bobbye Fermie

 Compelling composition of birds in museum cases, "Horniman's Bird" by Bobbye Fermie -

Sketchbooks on display, some on tablets -

 Not just this year's exhibition, but those from previous years, are online ... do go have a browse, but make sure you click past the thumbnails...


Charlton Stitcher said...

I will indeed browse. Thank you for posting, Margaret. These look wonderful and fascinating in their variety.

Unknown said...

Hi - The drawing above are noted as Bobbye fermi but they're actually by Josephine Birch... The image with the long thin drawing, with 4 images below... thanks

Unknown said...

fourth post from the bottom... below Gerain Evans - is Josephine Birch's work