21 June 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

Among the delights of the Horniman Museum (which do not include rather a lot of unrestrained preschool children!) are the dodo and the opaki  -
(and of course the famous threadbare overstuffed walrus) and Victorian artefacts like this case of beautiful tiny creatures -
 We were dispersed throughout the museum -
Jo's kachina dolls

Carol's musical instruments

Najlaa's butterfly brooch
Janet K's dogs

Janet B loves drawing people, even statues

My "cutaway pigeon" (I do love a bit of skeleton)

... and sundry other animals, drawn at speed after a long
 time spent gloomily staring at them
Tool of the week - oil pastels - how do  you use them?

The caf at the museum was very busy so we went down the hill to The Teapot, which lives up to its name -


Anonymous said...

I've just bought some oil pastels and was wondering the same thing! I expect to just play for a bit and smear them around a bit. Do they ever dry? I'm guessing no - since they would then become useless in the stick form. How do you deal with them in a sketchbook then? Wax paper interleaved in each page?

magsramsay said...

I did an oil pastel course ,indulging in purchase of sennelier pastels which are very smooth,(like lipsticks) and a dedicated oil pastel sketchbbok with interleaved wax sheets - they don't dry. Nicest effects were over watercolour wash or using low-odor thinner to move them around ( like using oil paints)

Living to work - working to live said...

Have spent many a happy hour in that museum.

Charlton Stitcher said...

The line quality of your cutaway pigeon and the way the skeleton is superimposed on the drawing of the bird is most pleasing.