29 June 2016

Random readings - on creativity

At the final Extended Drawing class we were given a copy of a jolly little book written by a member of the art department staff -
Opening it at random I found a great bit of advice, something we should all keep in mind -
But you know, we don't always know what we like, do we? Often it gets mixed up with what we think we should like. Or, what we would like to like... Or the things we think we like seem to be in conflict with each other.  Or, we're in such a bad mood that we don't like anything!

Even so, there's something - call it a passion, perhaps - lurking or waiting to be discovered. The thing that keeps on being interesting, that provides deep and sustainable pleasure.

Rod Judkins writes, as part of No.27, about Cindy Sherman, who loved playing dressing up as a child, and then went on to make that the basis of her art work.

He concludes: "Whatever it is you most enjoy, make it the basis of your life and work. You will never lose interest in it."

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, your musings are so true - sometimes it takes awhile to settle in comfortably with what we like because there are too many voices of shoulds or woulds and moods and . . .

The best is when we've strayed for one reason or another from what we really like, then return to it, almost resignedly or because it seems easier, and rediscover our love of that thing, remember what it was about this thing that brought us such pleasure. And suddenly it is more than ok to like this and spend our time on it.