17 June 2016

Garden visit

An evening opening of the gardens at Fenton House, Hampstead - and a tour and talk by Andy the gardener, who obviously loves his job and has grand plans, though I'm not sure about his passion for echiums - size isn't everything!
A glass of wine on arrival

Roses clamber on old walls
In the orchard, queen anne's lace and fritillary have just finished; the trees are pruned to let light in and low enough that the fruit can be picked without a ladder (health&safety...)
Andy had spent 10 years working at Kew and gave us lots of information not just about the gardens and plants now under his care, but also about general matters like slug control - "meticulous hygiene ... and when you find them you just squash them".
View from the house seems to end in hedges
Beyond the hedges is the rose garden


apiecefullife said...

Freezing here. What a lovely thing to do on a Summer's evening, with a glass of wine as well.

Charlton Stitcher said...

How lovely this looks. I love gardens in summer ... I only wish I enjoyed gardening as much!