20 June 2016

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

Across town, my flat is undergoing renovation. First it was a "mere" matter of insulation in the chilly front bedroom, and then its floor was discovered to be sagging drastically, which meant the ceiling of the room below needed doing ... and while we're doing that, we might as well improve the walls and rewire the room ... goodness knows where it all will lead. There's still one room unrenovated, and I dread to think of that.

That ceiling repair is taking a very long time; son Tom has to fit it in with his day job. Clearing the room and stripping the ceiling was the easy part, but alas the rubbish still sits in the garden.

First, though, a photo of my little garden, which I hadn't seen for a month - where did those poppies come from!
It definitely needs weeding ... and those blue bags of rubbish definitely need to go. So do the former ceiling panels -
And now the interior ...
Best room in the house ... just needs a few finishing touches
New view, from the new skylight
Reinforcing the ceiling in the room below

Temporary storage on all three landings

The workroom/studio is where most of the STUFF has ended up
The workroom-turned-storeroom photo makes me feel like one of the sad hoarders you see on those tv programmes. Can't wait to set it to rights ... but I'm not quite ready yet for total minimalism, that feels too much like deprivation.


Connie Rose said...

Oy! Hope it ends soon and you can get back to your life!

apiecefullife said...

Oh I know how that feels. We have just had the front wall taken out and put back together, window pushed back into place ceiling done, painting.... and the dust!
Everything back in place and now onto the next room.

Sue Sharples said...

Poor you! Hard to imagine the return of 'order'. There's the Egyptian curse: thou shalt have the builders! It will get better!