12 June 2016

Photoshop discovery - quick selection

This exciting new facet of Photoshop is due to the slip of a curson. Colour in bright areas tends to disappear when the camera is set on automatic. I was trying to restore the pale pink to the white peonies, and instead of clicking on the Lasso tool, I got the Quick Selection tool instead ... something I've not used but now obviously have to investigate.
The text on the screenshot points to the Quick Selection tool. Once you've clicked on it, you go to your image and click on the areas you want to work with - and it quickly defines the borders of an area of uniform colour. You can select many areas, one after another.
After you've selected the area(s), you can manipulate the colour.

To make the white less bright - ie, to give the other shades a chance - I used Levels (Ctrl+L). Note the position of the sliders in the original, above, and the manipulated version, below.
You can see the difference in the photo, especially in the pink of the larger flower.
Not a great photo, there's no subtlety, but at least you get an idea of the colour and texture rather than seeing just a block of brightness.

I used this trick in the larger flowers of the hydrangeo -
 but not in the foxglove -


irene macwilliam said...

thanks, must go and investigate. At least you found what you did. the number of times I have done things accidentally while using a programme and then not being able to find/recall what I had clicked or done accidentally.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Thanks, Margaret. You've reminded me of this feature covered (along with so much else) when I did the Pixeladies excellent 2nd Photoshop Elements course last year. I had since forgotten about it and will now reinvestigate.

Janis Doucette said...

I love such happy accidents! I'm going to investigate this too!