06 June 2016

Extended drawing - small ideas

Last Monday I set out some ideas for "working at home" as there was no class, thanks to a bank holiday. Sorry to say, I've followed up on none of those - but did come up with something different.

Sitting in a coffee shop, to get out of the house and out of the cold weather (temps in low teens, and grey, grey skies all week), I had no book with me to read but did have the ipad. On which were photos of various rooms of the house. I put one into Brushes Redux and started tracing the edges of things -

I had forgotten most what we learned at the "drawing with the ipad" course last year, and stuck with different widths of line and a few colours. Each colour was on a separate layer, as I wanted to try inverting the colours or changing them in some other way. Or maybe making them monochrome.
The drawing and its layers
Layer 4 inverted - the reddish-blue becomes a yellowy-beige
Over the next few days, and in a variety of coffee shops, I did a few more of these drawings -
Tony's computer desk, with view into the garden

The shelf near the sink and its collection of small objects
- which, over 22 years in this house, I'd never looked at closely

Those bird houses
Now the challenge is to get them sized (big? tiny?) and printed out - for some reason the printer feeds the paper right through and says "Paper out" although there's plenty of paper in the feeder. Frustrating or what...

While I've been writing this post, I've done a few of the things on last week's list.

Small, quick drawings of a dozen objects -
They include the wrapped soaps in the bathroom, the stopped clock, various lights, and unread books.

Moving the bird house around and photographing it -

Oddly enough, this did lead to a few half-formed ideas ... something for later perhaps. Ideas about the environment of the dwelling ... about being in the right place. Birds would need the house to be at the right height and away from a human dwelling. (And sometimes it - or the occupant - doesn't fit in - home as non-home.) Also a few thoughts about appropriate adornment. Half-formed and small ideas.

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