06 June 2016

Extended drawing - the run-up to the exhibition

Before class I had time to finish another of the Home drawings - sitting comfortably in the members' room at the British Museum (after seeing the Sicily exhibition) -
A home from home ... just like a living room, lots of books!

At class I played around with the few materials I'd taken along - 
a "room" book, two printed drawings, and some jpegs of manipulated images combining the drawings -
parts of two drawings, side by side

doubled up

(I'm thinking ahead to "wallpaper", repeating the pattern ad infinitum.)

Tracing paper and pencil to reproduce parts of an image that was showing on the ipad ... being very careful not to make it resize itself, or disappear! - 
The imprints on the cartridge paper are the result of making the dark lines on the reverse of the tracing paper, then erasing the wobbly lines from the other side. The imprint is rather faint, but it might be a useful transfer method.

An attempt to use one of the drawings to make a "room" book -

That's not terribly successful, as it stands. But could be scanned in, resized, and printed out on opaque paper.

The aim of the session was for the tutor to talk to us individually so that we knew what we'd be bringing in next week, whether it was finished work or work in progress, to put into the cases in the hall for "the exhibition", which will be put up, as a group, that evening. We have a chance to change the work on show the next Monday, before the PV on Tuesday 21st.

I had the idea of printing my digital drawings very small*, perhaps 5cm square (will have to try it out) each centred on a large sheet of paper, and it was suggested that I try printing on "nice" papers. Of course my various papers are buried under furniture etc in the flat, which is having floors and ceilings replaced at the moment, but something along those lines should be possible - once I find a printer to use (the laser printer at the flat is similarly unavailable, and Tony's lovely big printer is playing up). 

Several possibilities for printing suggest themselves:
- straight onto the nice paper, and fingers crossed the ink doesn't fall off
- onto acetate and attach the little square of print over top of the paper print if the ink does fall off
- onto acetate, cut into little squares, and attach to the pages of an accordion book (perhaps with a negative (white on black) print on the other side of each page)
- enlarging and reducing the prints on the photocopier

Also there's the possibility of using the prints of the drawings as a way of making monoprints, taking them a further step away from the computer.

But for next week, only a set of tiny prints on nice big sheets of paper - four or five - are needed.

*With the small prints, the idea is that people have to move closer to them to see them - and this "gesture of approach" involves the viewer physically in looking at the works. That might be almost as good as being able to pick them up?

On the theoretical level, an article about "what is home" here.

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