11 June 2016

Out the window

It's a challenge to turn on the camera and click before the dog disappears.

I spend a lot of time at the computer at the moment, with half an eye on the window and street.

There's a dog-friendly park at the end of the street, hence the comings and goings.


Living to work - working to live said...

That is a lovely motley crew of London mutts and so pleased to see that most seem to be mutts and no trendy Frenchies of Pugs! I'd spend my time spotting dogs too (I am typing this with one between my legs acting as a laptop table!)

Quilt to the max said...

The hounds aren't heading for the tube again, are they?

Sandy said...

Catching up with blogs...When we were recently in Switzerland, we were amazed to discover many people with dogs everywhere in Zurich. Not designer dogs either, your regular run of the mill dogs, even on the posh shopping street. Not sure if they all do, but one family had theirs in a shop with them.