10 June 2016

Extended drawing - small decisions

Getting work together for the end-of-course exhibition. If you're in the Holborn area on Tuesday 21 June, 6-8pm, drop in to City Lit, 3rd floor, for a glass of wine and the private view.

Using a 5cm square to assess the size of paper needed for printing onto -
 In the end, various A4 papers were on hand, which made for an easy decision in terms of size at least.

Meanwhile the digital drawings went through a couple of metamorphoses. First, collated into a sheet of squares, adjusted to be monochrome. I'm trying to make the drawings look as simple as possible, to strip their information right back - from the photograph to the selected lines of the drawing, and then presented in a simple way. This compilation is for printing out, cutting up, trying out in book form, perhaps stitched into a concertina book -
But the main work is even less complicated than that. Each image was first inverted to look like a "negative" and then printed [thanks, Mary!] at 5x5cm size on a thick, creamy paper with a bit of tooth. Five images should be enough to fill the display case -
The display cases are 115cm wide, which will accommodate five sheets, but four might look better. To be decided on Monday.

A close-up of one of the drawings -

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Charlton Stitcher said...

How interesting these look! I've really enjoyed watching your thought processes develop through these. I wish I could come and see them but I'll be in Scotland with visitors and no chance of escape!