22 June 2016

Pictures for an exhibition

The ipad drawings for the Home project continue, and the arrival of a monochrome laser printer allows me to make some little "secret" books (folded from one sheet of paper) that hold six images. Ah ... which six to put together, and in which order?

In individual prints, the manipulating of contrast and the use of different weights and colours of lines in the original provide a variety of possibilities. In the four images that are on show in the end-of-course exhibition, which were the first I printed, line thicknesses and amount of contrast are almost random ... in the eagerness (necessity) to produce something I was happy simply to have "a product". But in the feedback session of the class this week, the comment that struck me most was the subtlety that these elements, line weight and tone, contributed to the drawings, especially at the small scale. 

With that in mind, I looked at the drawings made, manipulated, and printed recently.
Lack of nuance in the sofa print

Revisiting the contrast issue
Some of the "leftover" images were used in a book structure made earlier in the course, in a mark-making session -
Last week when we set up the exhibition I put two rather hastily made books into the vitrine. They went on the bottom shelf so that you'd look down into the "room" at their centre - but looked lost in the vast space.
The new selection fills the space better -
Next step with my little pictures of Home is to translate them into lino cuts - starting with a short course next month. Looking forward to that! Meanwhile the Home drawings are being made on Saturday mornings in a coffee shop convenient to Waitrose, before the weekly grocery shopping.

The EDAM group (Extended Drawing for Artists and Makers) has a pinterest page at https://uk.pinterest.com/md301/extended-drawing-group/.


magsramsay said...

I'll look out for them tomorrow!

Charlton Stitcher said...

How interesting these are - black and white, iPad and simple book forms. They are currently so close to my artistic heart. I'd love to see them.