09 November 2016

A morning's stitching

Blue is new
Two more "chimneypots" for dipping - or rather, the one on the left, with metal-thread stitching and clear glass beads, will be dipped. The other will be left as an untransformed companion.

They're made from old woolly jumpers - from the "fully fashioned" sleeve seams, in fact - strips 1" wide either side of the seam were sewn together on the machine. I'm hoping my thick seams will help define the metallic stitches added over them, so that just the metal thread on top of the fabric will show, and "brown spread" will be minimal.
"Brown spread" - shadows of metallic thread from other layers
As well as the knobbly texture and surface stitching, there are beads - the glass melts with various degrees of visibility, spreading into small shiny spots -
But first, back to basics - what effect will the extra seams have? When they burn away, will the surrounding clay be more fragile? And even more basic - is a knitted wool a good fabric for dipping into clay ... is it porous enough for the clay to slip between the knitted fibres?

These two are for testing - 
Seams inside, seams outside


Celia Darbyshire said...

Thanks for the tip off about the Salisbury exhibition. It is a good show, and it was great see your work for real!

Charlton Stitcher said...

As always with your dipped pots, the experiments are fascinating and these shapes are lovely. I do hope they workout well for you.