15 November 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Maritime Museum

On the way to the Maritime Museum, these globes on the gates of the Old Royal Naval College -
planted the idea to find some globes to draw -
 and a couple of hours later I had a 16th century collection of terrestrial globe, celestial globe, and armillary sphere -
Drawing the armillary sphere from a different angle (while standing up) proved challenging. Some practice drawing intersecting circles is advisable.

Sue, Najlaa and Mags spent time at the recently refurbished Queen's House, adjacent to the museum -
Najlaa's version of Tanya Kovats' "Watermark" tiles
Mags noted the tiles in her "exhibitions" sketchbook - and shows them on her blog
And Mags used her "drawing" sketchbook in the museum's East India Company gallery -
Seadevil and junk
 Sue stayed in the Queen's House to draw a recent painting by John Everett -
 Janet B found River Thames in the quiet of the maritime London gallery  -
 and Carol, fascinated by the cogs, drew part of the paddle wheeler -
"There aren't enough cogs in the world"
 Tool of the week -
Not tried yet...
 I went back via Canary Wharf, partly by bus -

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