08 November 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum, commissioned in 1898 and opened in 1901, is built in arts and crafts style and is a short walk up the hill from Forest Hill station.
It has an amazing collection of musical instruments from around the world, including these concertinas -
 But it was the convoluted, visceral tubing of the brass instruments that hooked me in -

The notes are mainly questions about how this instrument works

 The room filled with an excited hubbub when a school group arrived -
And when they left, perfect peace returned -
 After drawing the ... what was it, a small tuba? ... and watching some short films on how the instruments are made, there was time for a clarinet, from the top down - it didn't quite fit on the page -
Other musical finds -

Najlaa's Iranian lute
Janet K's valveless horn
 And from elsewhere in the museum -
Joyce's ammonite

Sue's sea urchins
... and one she didn't attempt, the Gorgon's Head Brittlestar

Janet B's cruciform crab, Charybdis crucifera, aka Charybdis feriatus

It came from the Sea of Bengal
Finally, some specimens from The Teapot, where we lunched -

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