21 November 2016

Polishing one's web presence

How up-to-date is your website? Does it need a complete revamp? (Mine does.) Why do we neglect our websites... is there a way to painlessly keep them current ... (probably not!)

I don't look at my website from one month to the next, but recently some "impulse from a vernal wood" led me recently to put a few photos on my home page, of work that's been exhibited this year. It was interesting to see that there's a page for ceramics, added a couple of years ago ... next time the updating impulse arrives, I'll add a selection of newer work. 
As for the rest of the website ...... "one day..." It's on my list .......

Now to something easier and more fun. Although I'm a Facebook-free zone, I dipped my toe into Instagram waters and am quite enjoying it: easy to post photos, easy to find lots of lovely things to look at, not much writing required. And a good accompaniment to a cup of coffee. 

I've called myself margaretcooter, should you wish to find me on Instagram.


Eleanor Levie said...

You've chosen a good Instagram name for yourself, Margaret Cooter!

Living to work - working to live said...

I don't even have a website. I just use my blog page but my gallery section is woefully out of date.

Christmas holidays task is to explore a commercial template for the blog that makes it look more like a website and trick everyone into thinking it is.

If I was relying on my art to live I would put much more time and effort into this. And one day I may have to. For now my fear is almost biting off more than I can chew as the day job is very demanding. Really, my creativity is just about scratching an itch.

Why do you have a website and a blog? Intrigued as maybe I'm missing something.