08 November 2016

Night and day

The sewing machine is back on the table - and the computer has been relegated to the ironing board. (The iron continues to gather dust on the floor.)
 It's a better set-up than with the computer on the table - the curtains don't need to be drawn to block the sunlight -

The rearrangement has got me thinking about how we organise our days. The words of Barbara Lee Smith, "Do the most important thing at your best time", are always with me. So if you're a morning person, start the day with that Most Important Thing. (Figuring out what it is can be difficult - as can allowing yourself to "indulge" in it.)

I've found it useful to make an appointment with myself for working on projects - to block off chunks of time on a calendar, either the night before or for a week ahead. And to have a stopping time as well as a starting time. Tomorrow I'll starting at 9 and stopping at noon - and have no idea what the project will be ... perhaps machine sewing. Perhaps drawing some of the recent porcelain pots. Perhaps looking through the sketchbooks and seeing what could be developed.


irene macwilliam said...

Reading about all the things you do outside the house I have no idea how you can allocate times to be in the studio to do those most important things.

Stitchinscience said...

Setting aside an agreed time with yourself is such a good idea Margaret. I really like the idea of the sleeves as vessels, I'm really looking forward to seeing them when they are out of the kiln.