06 November 2016


Underfoot - this is the underlay for the wood floor and soon will be hidden
"How's the flat coming along?" is the question.

"Oh, we're making some real progress now" is my usual answer - I live in hope of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But I know it won't be "finished" in 2016. If the living room floor is in, and skirting boards up, before the end of November, I will be So Happy. Then all the books can be piled up along the wall that will eventually be filled by bookshelves. The plans for these shelves haven't been finalised yet. 

Once the stairs are clear of books, once that horrible plastic is removed from my beloved pale-grey stair carpet (and the carpet cleaned) ... and once the furniture is back in the living room, things will feel like they're getting back to "normal". Back to how they were, which is another step forward on the way they can be.

Here, chronologically, is the renovation sequence, starting with that first big job, the bathroom -
Overhead -- sanding and lick of paint, then my pots can go back on their shelves

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Sandy said...

'Something', 'Anything' in its right place makes a big difference.