13 November 2016

Another sketchbook walk

In week 4, the class went to Victoria Miro and Parasol Unit, near Old Street. "Protest" had interesting work and was in Its final week - I didn't see the entire show during the class visit but went back to see the rest.
Foreground: Elmgreen & Dragset, Prison Breaking / Powerless
Structures, Fig.333, 2002/2016

Yayoi Kusama, Prisoner's Door 1994

Doug Aitken, Free, 2016

Drawings from "Protest" and Robert Therrien

Upstairs were paintings by Njideka Akunyili Crosby -

Outside, "A Gentle Collapsing" by Alex Hartley -

Next door, at Parasol Unit, were lots of nice objects by Robert Therrien (till 11 December). Again, another visit to see all of those; I liked their sparseness. 
Shadows cast by Therrien's rain cloud
Therrien objects, and some Kusama, on the second visit
There is now a good place to get coffee, round the corner from Parasol Unit, in fact accessible through the gallery - Sardine. Not so long ago, the only nearby refreshment was a Macdonalds! A few minutes' walk towards Islington is the pleasant The Narrowboat pub, near which there's a little gallery with big basement across the road from it which is showing paintings by Derek Hyatt till 25 November.
by Derek Hyatt
Over a cuppa at Sardine, Amanda showed how to develop a drawing by using tracing paper to choose marks and layer them up in new configurations -

We also went to Arcade - small gallery- work by Ryan Mrozowski -

 but best was Alexander Brodsky's unfired clay reliefs at Betts Project - http://www.bettsproject.com/ - small gallery with more show space in the basement. Hope to get back to that for more drawing; it's on till 20 November -
Brodsky's drawings

Unfired clay reliefs

Close up
My drawings from Arcade and (unfinished) Betts Project

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Charlton Stitcher said...

I'm fascinated by Amanda's tracing paper over drawing technique ... most interesting. I will give it a try - though further advice on how might be useful. I will consult the Great Google and see what comes up. Thank you!