01 November 2016

Drawing Tuesday - British Museum

The British Museum has several Greek galleries - to the point where it's hard to know which is which - so we were scattered among several rooms. I had arrived early and had a coffee and had done some warm-up by drawing with my non-dominant hand, very liberating!
The frieze of birds has always been a favourite of mine, as well as the Harpy Tomb which is in the same room (room 15). 

I used a pen with ink that would bleed, and gold pencil crayon -
and while writing this post, converted the hatching lines into ink wash -
Bolder, but not better! The wash around the biro sketches of motifs from vases does help ... makes for a more interesting page -

Joyce too drew the birds -
And the others found other things in other rooms -
Sue S

Sue M

Janet K

Janet B


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