18 November 2016

Catching up with JQs

Journal Quilts are made once a month - in theory. They are submitted to the CQ files in batches, four months at a time - that is to say, the deadlines are April 30, August 30, and December 31.

Having met the previous two deadlines, I had that final deadline tucked away somewhere in my mind, and good intentions. Starting work on the January issue of Contemporary Quilt, which will focus on Journal Quilts, has reminded me of the need to actually produce the final set of JQs and complete the year.

So instead of settling down to actually work on the issue, I got distracted into making them - for 2016 the size is 8"x10", in this batch a piece of green fabric at least 1/2" square is needed somewhere, and the quiltlet [two or more layers held together by stitch] is to be finished with an appropriate binding.

I'm using paper as one of the layers this year, and incorporating all three colours (purple, orange, green for the three batches) in each quiltlet. Two of my JQs are stitched to their fringed backings - but need further work - and two are playful thoughts in progress. Three have the starting point of drawings or prints produced in the Drawing, Painting, Printmaking course this summer; the other is a rubbing of a vintage card of orange plastic buttons -
Fused plastic (left) and frottage 
Monoprint marks on newspaper pages - plus fabric
(not at all sure about this one - too colourful!)

There could be lots of little squares of colour in the centre of the white squares;
the background is monoprinted and an inky colourcatcher is part of it too

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